The Heart of Garden Organics: Our Main Principles

The Heart of Garden Organics: Our Main Principles

Garden Organics began with one woman's vision to establish a brand fully devoted to women's health and wellness. From her personal experience, she recognized that the female body has unique features and thus, embarked on a thorough study of the characteristics of women's health, including common female diseases, the anatomy of the female body, and vital nutrients for optimal bodily function.

After the research phase, the next step was to carefully select the ingredients that would effectively address the issues identified.

A significant amount of work went into the creation of Garden Organics. We are proud to share with you the core principles of our brand.

Herbal supplements for women

When selecting herbs for our store's range, we focused on their usefulness and effectiveness specifically for the female body. While the number of herbs may be fewer, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Only non-alcoholic products

The era when alcohol was considered the optimal method for extracting nutrients from herbs and preserving them is long past. Our extracts are based on glycerin, which not only extracts the nutrients more effectively but also imparts a more pleasant taste to the final product. Rest assured, while our non-alcoholic extracts are sweet, they contain no added sweeteners. The glycerin itself is responsible for the sweetness. Additionally, glycerin does not raise blood sugar levels like sugar or honey.

Full quality assurance 

Our original extraction technology allows us to extract the maximum nutrients from each herb. Additionally, our facility is FDA registered and GMP certified, and our products are third-party lab tested, giving you complete confidence in the quality and safety of our supplements for women.

Responsible approach

We believe that focusing on a specific topic is more effective than trying to do it all at once. Therefore, we thoroughly study the unique ways in which plants affect the female body, carefully choose the best herbs, and create formulas targeted at solving specific problems in women's health. All of this is done to create best women supplements that you can be proud of and confidently recommend to your loved ones.

Mother Nature has the ability to help her daughters in many ways. And we are proud to be her trusted assistants.

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