How to consume our herbal supplements properly

How to consume our herbal supplements properly

“Will I like this product? Will it be effective? - the usual questions that any person asks before choosing any product. The answer to this question depends on two main factors: the quality of the product and how it will be used. We are responsible for the first one. And the second factor depends entirely on you. So let's figure out how to use our herbal supplements so that they bring you maximum benefit and joy.

  1. Follow instructions. As trite as it may sound, following the suggestions for use is really important. Just like you follow a recipe, if you want to make a delicious cake, you should use the herbal supplements according to the instructions in order for them to show their full effectiveness. If you think that the recommended dosage is not enough and you want to increase it, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor.
  2. An integrated approach is best. For example, if you want to take care of your eyesight, it would be best if, in addition to using the tincture, you also give your eyes a rest, wear sunglasses when it is sunny, do not read in the dark, and so on. Let our product and your actions work together instead of resisting each other.
  3. Don't mix. Some combinations of herbs can enhance each other's effects, while others can offset each other's effectiveness or even lead to an allergic reaction. Therefore, mixing products on your own can be really dangerous. Better entrust this to our herbalists, who are currently developing formulas that will be formulated for specific health goals and in such a way that the herbs in them are ideally combined. They will be available on our site soon!
  4. Take herbal supplements on a regular basis. In order for you to get healthier and feel better thanks to tinctures or capsules, the nutrients from supplements must enter your body at regular intervals. If you drink 1 capsule on Monday, the next one on Wednesday, and then completely forget about them for a week, the desired effect will not come soon.
  5. Take breaks. If the product is used for a very long time, it may happen that its effectiveness decreases, or vice versa, hypersensitivity develops. We recommend using any of our products, whether capsules or tinctures, as follows: after 4 months of use, take a break for 3-4 months. After that, you can resume using your favorite product.

Take care and feel great!

how to take herbal supplements

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