Garden Organics: the history of one women's owned business

Garden Organics: the history of one women's owned business

Dear sisters,

I would like to begin by thanking you for choosing to support my company, Garden Organics, and the ideas I’ve put into it. As often happens, life's challenges become the driving force for development in a particular direction. That's exactly what happened to me.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had unpleasant cases at medical institutions—moments when my PMS was dismissed with a chuckle or assuming all my pains were related to the reproductive system. Maybe I just came across some wicked people. However, my own experiences, combined with the stories shared by my friends who have faced similar situations, sparked the idea of creating a herbal supplement company for women

You might be wondering, why herbal supplements? Well, I have a genuine love for the concept of natural and thoughtful healthcare. I firmly believe that Mother Nature has an abundance of wisdom and health benefits that can help us feel better. With a strong desire to understand what was happening to my own health, the common conditions women face, and how to alleviate them, I delved into numerous studies and articles on women's health. I started paying closer attention to the symptoms frequently experienced by women and observing the behavior of other herbal supplement brands in the market. I wondered if there were businesses truly dedicated to in-depth research on women's health to uncover the real reasons behind the poor health so many women suffer from.

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As I pondered all of this, a simple yet powerful idea took shape—I could create such a business myself. A business that would inspire me and other women to prioritize self-care and truly understand the needs of our bodies. I wanted my work to contribute to women's overall health and confidence because, let's face it, we women can achieve anything when we feel good and stand firmly on our own two feet.

With this unwavering intention, I began taking small steps toward my ultimate goal: creating a herbal supplement company for women.

When selecting each and every item you see here on our website, I adhered to a guiding principle: "Focus on the benefits and effectiveness specifically for the female body."

First and foremost, it was essential to identify the prevalent issues faced by women and understand the unique nature of these conditions. I discovered that certain diseases are indeed more typical among women, such as problems with the urinary system, joint issues, and low hemoglobin levels, among others. 

It was important to me to choose herbs for women's health that have withstood the test of time and rigorous clinical studies, proving their efficacy in supporting our bodies. Thus, I embarked on a collaborative journey with highly respected herbalists who specialize in cutting-edge research. Together, we poured over countless materials and spent sleepless nights compiling a comprehensive list of products for Garden Organics. We carefully examined how each herb specifically affects the female body and delved into the available research. Our aim was to ensure your complete confidence in every single product bearing the Garden Organics name.

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After some time, my colleagues and I reached a point where we were completely satisfied with the work we had accomplished together.

And now, everything is finally in place. My company has just embarked on its exciting journey. I sincerely hope that you, my valued community, can sense the care and attention my team and I have invested into Garden Organics. We are committed to continuing our efforts and doing our absolute best to help women across the USA and around the globe feel absolutely amazing.

Sincerely yours,

Lena Fox

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