herbs for female libido

5 Herbs for Female Libido

Societal stereotypes give people flawed views of the sex drives of the different genders. According to these norms, men are machines that are ready to have sex at the drop of a hat, while women don’t want sex as much. Sound familiar? Well, it’s not so cut-and-dry.

According to a study, at least 24% of women have a higher sex drive than the average man. This is not accounting for the fact that a percentage of men will report a higher sex drive than they actually have.

The truth is that everyone gets a bit frisky once in a while, both male and female. There's nothing wrong with that, as such sexual responses are entirely normal. The problem arises when you cannot make these responses as easily as usual.

Certain conditions can cause you to feel a lot less interested in sexual activities than usual. These include stress, depression, alcohol, and some medications. A lowered libido or sex drive could also result from getting older. However, it mustn’t be a permanent development.

If you’ve noticed your sex drive waning, you can do something about it. Apart from the myriad of drugs sold over the counter for cases like this, many herbs for female libido have been proven to work wonders on the female sex drive.

We’ve brought five of the most effective herbs that remedy this condition of lowered sex drive in women. Let’s get started with the list.

Five Herbs For Female Libido

These plants all have positive effects on the female libido. By using them, you should see the results naturally in a short time.


This plant is top on the list because its effects are widely known. An article about herbs for female libido cannot be complete without mentioning the Rhodiola rosea plant.

Also called Rose root, Golden root, or Arctic root, this herb can be found at high altitudes in Asia, Northern Europe, and Northern America. In Siberia, a newlywed couple is gifted a bouquet of this herb, as it is believed to increase fertility.

Scientifically, the Rhodiola Roseau plant is said to work on the Dopamine and serotonin centers of the brain. It prevents the breakdown of these ‘Happy chemicals,’ leaving them acting for longer. That reduces feelings of stress and tiredness, which are both mood killers.

Taking Rhodiola supplements should keep you energized and ready for any action. Only ensure you see ‘3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides’ on the brand you choose, as that is the chemical constitution of Rhodiola rosea.


We’ll begin this one with a little fun fact. Did you know that women in ancient Egypt couldn't take Hibiscus tea? Apparently, it was believed to elicit dirty thoughts and lust in the women. Trust us when we say that those Pharaohs knew what they were talking about.

Hibiscus is one of the great herbs for female libido that works for men too. Hibiscus supplements can spice things up between the sheets while providing various other health benefits.

These include enhancing liver health, promoting healthy skin and hair, and improving blood sugar balance.

It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making this herb a must-have if you want to whip up a storm in the bedroom. Hibiscus can be taken as a tea, enjoyed as an extract, or savored as a syrup.


The stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) is not a strange plant for anyone used to walking in the woods. You learn to avoid these plants as a child after the first painful sting on your young skin. If you didn't experience this, count yourself lucky, as this herb packs quite a punch.

All the stinging aside, this herb is a treasure for the female sex drive. Its seeds have been proven to increase the libido in both men and women. Nettle supplements contains serotonin and acetylcholine, which act on the nervous system, eliciting good moods and high spirits while chasing away depression.

Chaste Tree Berry

The name of this herb for female libido does not indicate its action. The 'Chaste' Berry is anything but that.

People with low libido can count on this herb to increase the activity of the neurotransmitter, Dopamine in the body. That helps to increase the sex drive of both women and men. Dopamine reduces prolactin release, which is good for men, as prolactin suppresses testosterone.

The Chaste Tree Berry also enhances the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) activity in women. This hormone plays a vital role in sexual activity and increases the sex drive.

The Chaste Tree Berry can be taken as a supplement for the best effects.

Dong Quai

This herb is an aphrodisiac that is specific to females. The Dong Quai is commonly known as female ginseng and is found in Japan, China, and Korea. The root of this plant is quite notable as it has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for over a thousand years for female reproductive health.

This herb for female libido has various positive effects on female sexual health. These include reducing menstrual cramps, reducing depression, a known cause of low sex drive, and regulating estrogen levels in the body.

Dong Quai supplements is so potent that it is recommended to kick-start the reduced libidos of women going through menopause. You can take this herb in various forms, including supplements, extracts, or even the boiled roots. It can also be found in powdered form or taken as a tincture.


For every pill to increase female sex drive, there are herbs for female libido that do the exact thing naturally. Most of these herbs have been in use for centuries, and they remain as effective now as they were then. And all these herbs are available in our herbal supplement for women store!

herbs for female libido

These five herbs are sure to spice up your sex life, ensuring that you and your partner have the best time in the sheets. So, now you know them; nothing is stopping you from getting some of them. They could be your ticket to a better sex life. Good luck.

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