Shatavari Benefits for Women: Unveiling this Herb’s Remarkable Benefits for Female Health

Shatavari Benefits for Women: Unveiling this Herb’s Remarkable Benefits for Female Health

As mentioned, shatavari is a species of plant in the asparagus family. It grows natively across Africa, India, Southern Asia, and even as far South as Australia. Also known as Asparagus racemosus, shatavari is a spritely and tough flowering plant that naturally grows in rocky, mountainous plains at high elevations.

A natural climbing plant as a result of its environment, shatavari grows tall, with fluttery, spine-like leaves and delicate white flowers while in bloom.

Shatavari has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries due to its believed adaptogenic properties and benefits for women. Unfortunately, due to the demand for the plant—as well as deforestation and habitat loss—shatavari is considered to be endangered in its natural habitat.

For this reason, the majority of shatavari sourced for herbal supplements has been cultivated by farmers in controlled environments. Always make sure that your shatavari is ethically sourced and you aren’t buying from sellers that are contributing to this beautiful and powerful plant’s endangered status.

As an adaptogenic herb, shatavari has numerous uses, but finds its niche by boosting the function of the female immune and reproductive systems. Here are some of the shatavari’s best benefits for women:

Shatavari helps balance hormones

Like many of the herbs used to support women’s health, shatavari acts like a phytoestrogen. This means that the herb has a number of compounds that can actually mimic the effects of true estrogen in the female body. Phytoestrogens are an important part of women’s health during multiple life stages in which estrogen production is lessened, such as perimenopause or menopause. Like estrogen, phytoestrogen helps the body regulate the menstrual and fertility cycle. With its phytoestrogen properties, shatavari helps regulate your body’s hormones.

Shatavari helps support fertility

Many women turn to natural herbs when trying to start a family. Shatavari is one of these herbs, as it has been used as a holistic approach to fertility for centuries. Due to its hormone-balancing and phytoestrogen properties, shatavari helps regulate the menstrual cycle, making it easier for women to track their conception efforts. Even more, it is thought to help strengthen the uterus, making it easier for the female body to support a healthy pregnancy.

Shatavari has pain-relieving properties

Shatavari contains a compound called racemofuran, which is present in many plants in the asparagus family. Racemofuran has powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, making shatavari a fantastic alternative to modern over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Shatavari’s anti-inflammatory capabilities make it a boon for women suffering from menstrual and menopausal symptoms such as cramps and bloating.

Shatavari helps bolster the immune system

Shatavari offers many benefits for women, it also has benefits for all. Another of shatavari’s traditional uses in Ayurvedic medicine is as an immune system booster. Modern science supports this idea, as one study found that shatavari may actually assist in the production of antibodies, helping your body fight off sickness.

Shatavari can relieve stress and improve your emotional well-being

Though we are all stressed in today’s modern hustle and bustle, women report staggering levels of stress in comparison to their male counterparts. Not only are more women than men claiming to experience stress, these women report far higher levels of stress.

Stress is bad enough for your mental health, but it can also manifest as physical symptoms. For this reason, one of the best shatavari benefits is simple: it can help relieve stress. As an adaptogenic herb, shatavari helps the female body adapt and regulate stress levels, easing anxiety and promoting a sense of calm.

Shatavari supplements come in many shapes and forms, such as capsules, teas, gummy vitamins, and tinctures. If you would like to experience shatavari’s many remarkable benefits for women, check out the offerings in supplements for women shop.

shatavari benefits for women
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